Lasst Christus den Mittelpunkt eures Lebens sein. Seid immer dazu bereit, denen Rede und

Antwort zu stehen, die euch nach der Begründung eures Glaubens fragen. Seid dabei freundlich,

aber vergesst nicht, welche Verantwortung ihr vor Gott habt ... (1. Petrus 3, 15-16)

Dient einander, ein jeder mit der Gabe,

die er von Gott empfangen hat ... 1. Petrus 4,10

Gehet hinaus in die ganze Welt und verkündigt

allen Menschen das Evangelium ... Markus 16,15

... und machet alle Nationen zu Jüngern.

Matthäus 28,19

About us

Barbara Gloor was born in the south of Germany in 1960 and grew up in a large Catholic family. Upon finishing her apprenticeship as an industrial clerk, she worked as an HR clerk at a large company for several years.

After she bought a Bible, God revealed Himself to her clearly and she got saved in 1989. Hungry for more of God, she decided to attend Bible college in Munich. Barbara excels at handling the administrative side of the ministry. In addition to interceding for the nations, she is an outstanding teacher who desires to train Christians in the Word of God.

Max Gloor was born in Basel, Switzerland in 1955. Following his apprenticeship as a clerk, he worked in the service sector for a number of years. Max then started a business of his own as a corporate consultant and communications coach to train customer service personnel and managers.

In 1991 Max experienced firsthand how very much alive the Christian faith was. He acknowledged his calling as an evangelist and missionary and, as a result, closed down his company in Switzerland. He placed his life into the Lord’s hands. God then put people who are marginalized in our society as well as the poorest of the poor in third-world countries on Max’s heart. He has been on fire for them ever since. Max’s sermons and style of evangelism are both unconventional and practical. His preaching is simple, yet full of authority. His messages are very encouraging and touch the body of Christ in many aspects because he has tested and proven them to be true in his personal life over the course of many years. Max has also penned two books.


Max Gloor
Founder and director of
Ein Herz für Nationen (A heart for the Nations), Reinach, Switzerland

Oliver Steiner
2nd chairman
Electrical Engineer at IBM, Wiesbaden/Germany

Barbara Gloor
Co-founder of Ein Herz für Nationen,
Finance and payroll accounting
Stiftung Weizenkorn Basel


Anke Ratajczak
Commercial Operations
Management Assistant

Gesa Schütz
Office Manager and
Real Estate Agent

Konrad Kunz
Bicycle Workshop Manager

Ralf Rosema

Managing director at easynutrition GmbH in Karlsruhe, Germany